Express Register has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible and it is!

However, we do appreciate that sometimes things may not go to plan and people may need a bit of a helping hand and we are more than happy to do so. Have you checked our FAQ’s below?

If you are experiencing difficulty, or in the unlikely event of having a technical issue, please use this form below to log your experience.

Whilst we have answered the most common questions asked, if there is anything that hasn’t been covered, please submit your question using the contact form and if it hasn’t already been answered somewhere, we will post your question along with an answer on our website.

How does it work ?

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Our collaboration software connects people, information and files, saving you time, money and minimises errors. It allows you to take control of your document management automate file and project status updates and improves communication and documentation.

We provide secure real-time 24/7 access to your extranet environment for building document issue sheets, storing and filing documents, collaborating with clients and internal members by working through your Express Register account.  It's simple to use, is completely online and no costly IT infrastructure is required. All you need is a computer with internet access.

We have carefully tailored four different packages to make sure that Express Register works for your organisation and delivers you real cost and time benefits.

By linking your clients (add as many as you like per project), they will be able to download files related to their project and receive email notifications when your document issue sheet is updated.

Do I need to install any software ?

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No, Express Register is based completely online. You and your chosen users will have a username and password so you can access your projects wherever you are.

How does Express Register build my document issue sheet?

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Express Register logs your activity across your projects and will ask you to save files in a certain way which then gives Express Register the information it needs to update the document issue sheet filling in all necessary information such as the revision number and legend issue key. You can view it, export it and print it in just a couple of clicks.

How much does it cost ?

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We have come up with a flexible pricing scheme to make sure that each company’s needs are catered for and you receive the very best solution for your individual requirements. We don’t penalise companies for needing more storage or who have more projects so the more you need, the better deal you will get. See our Pricing page for more information or to sign up for a demo.

Do I have to enter into a contract ?

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Not at all. Express Register is charged on a monthly basis and you are never tied into a contract. Simply let us know you don’t want to use it any more (very unlikely!) and you won’t be charged from the same day on the month after your last payment.

Can I try before I buy ?

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Of course! The proof is in the pudding and our software is only as good as our customers say it is. We are confident that once you have started using it, you will be extremely impressed so up until December, Express Register is completely free to sign up to use as it is currently undergoing a stringent beta-release. From September, we will be offering a one month free trial.