About Express Register


Express Register is a ground-breaking online collaboration software that's ideal for architects and other related industry companies.


The Basics

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You Upload

Upload all of your documents & drawings to their relevant project on the Express Register Cloud.

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We Store

Your uploaded documents will be stored securely on Express Register, and made available for you to download.

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We Issue

All the uploaded documents will be issued and the project Document Issue Sheet will be updated.

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We Notify

All the Clients & Colleagues will be notified of the changes and provided with a link to view the latest versions.

The Benefits

Completely 100% Online!

Being based online, it eradicates the need for using your own storage and also reduces the need to print documents and burn CD’s.


Industry Standards

Express Register uses the most widely known and used Document Issue Sheet’s layout and information. It has also been pre-built with Key Legends so as you update files or upload newer versions, you will see the document issue sheet being automatically built for you ready for you to simply download as a PDF, Excel, print out or email directly to all users on the project

Automated Notifications

Communication with your clients and colleagues is improved and we have put in an optional process automation which tells the system to send email notifications to anyone you wish to include within that project of any change or update to the document issue sheet.

And More...

You also have the ability to upload a wide range of file types like:

  •   PDF (Portable Document Format)
  •   DOCX / DOC (Microsoft Word)
  •   DWG (AutoCAD)
  • and many more!

Express Register has become the core referral point by Architects & Engineers currently using it because of the remote and online convenience, the time saving value of storage, communication and file delivery and the internal filing and administration flawlessness.

Provided the software is right for your organisation, we are positive that once you have started using it, you will very quickly realise the benefits.

To view a visual demonstration, get in touch now.

Let Express Register take the work out of your day.

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