What can express register do for you?

Express Register is a revolutionary Drag and Drop file share and storage facility that has been designed to cut out over 75% of the work involved in producing your document issue sheets.

Not only will Express Register do the work for you, but you can also:

  • View a snapshot of all recent file uploads and projects from your dashboard.
  • Notify all members in a project of any updates automatically.
  • Access all files from any location on the internet.
  • Create a client access area that will replace the need for print outs and CDs.
  • Upload multiple file formats.
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Store & Manage Documents

Simply drag and drop your files into Express Register, your documents will then be stored securely online.

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Secure Client Access

Your clients can use Express Registers secure facility to access documents instantly online.

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Project Change Notifications

Anytime a project is updated on Express Register, all parties involved are informed by email.

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Document Issue Sheet

The Document Issue sheet is automatically kept up to date, for clients to access online.

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Worldwide Online Access

Get instant access to your documents, they are available online anywhere in the world.